The Andrew Simpson Sport Enabling Trust (ASSET) was founded in 2009 to promote the value of sport in the rehabilitation of acquired disabilities.

It is intended to help those whose life has changed dramatically through such a disability, to enable them to continue playing sport, or take it up, or become otherwise involved in it, by using smart ideas, designs and technology to provide the means for them to do so.

Funds raised will be used in the following ways:

  • Enable Therapy Through Sport

    Sport was always important in Andrew's life but it played a key role in his rehabilitation post-amputation. It gave him an opportunity to meet other amputees in a non-medical environment & helped him cope with his situation in a way that support groups simply couldn't.

    ASSET seeks to make grants for the development of equipment to enable people with disabilities to play sport.

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  • Innovation, Research & Design

    ASSET supports innovation and research to create new and improve existing equipment for disabled sport and, by way of this, disabled life. Of course our ultimate aim is to make it enabled life. Or just life.

    Andrew was a product design graduate so, naturally, he'd been working on making his life as an amputee a little bit easier. One of his ideas - the A-Spring - is now ready for you to pilot......

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  • Raise Awareness

    ASSET works to raise awareness of the value of rehabilitation through sport.

    We believe that it can be used as a route out of long-term care and we network and campaign to promote it as such.

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  • Support Health Innovations

    ASSET networks with and supports other groups involved in disablilty sports and healthcare innovations generally.

    We are working to extend the Da Vinci Health Technology Innovation Network across the UK.

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  • A-Springing into Action

    ASSET is developing Andrew's design of a retro-fittable spring-loaded crutch tip. Prototypes have been produced and we plan to pilot several hundred.

    One of our goals is to launch the A-Spring for sale.

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